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Belyea, Patricia dba Okan Arts
315 NW 52nd. Street
Seattle, WA 98107

Lectures - The following are 1-hour Zoom presentations $350/speaker fee:
  • The Alluring World of Yukata Quilters - Patricia takes your guild on a virtual tour of the Tokyo Quilt Festival and a visit to a Japanese chusen-dyeing workshop. She then gives a trunk show of quilts made with yukata cottons. 
  • The Unknowing of Creativity: New Directions in Quilt Designs - Patricia shares her excitement of dreaming up n ew quilt designs.
  • When A Quilt Is More Than A Quilt - Patricia relates her experiences of stitching memories into quilts by incorporating the clothing of loved ones.
Workshops - The following are offered as 2-day in-person guild workshops. There are no Zoom workshops for guilds available at this time:

  • Complex Curves - Participants make the blocks for a curvy-pieced quilt top. They start by translating simple doodles into block designs. The line work is used for making custom patterns. Then they learn the steps for making a fabric version of their patterns.
  • Hachi Improv Quilt - This project starts in a novel way - participants choose their solid colors first and then add their patterns. This is a fun workshop where students can experience the freedom of making their own design choices that result in completely unique graphic quilts. This workshop also demonstrates the Cutting Dance, lap quilting, and making a designer facing.
Shop Information: Seattle-based Okan Arts offers vintage Japanese textiles, plus quilts by internationally recognized quilt makers. The online shop specializes in hand-dyed yukata cottons which are the perfect weight for quilt projects. Okan Arts is also authorized to sell the Baby Lock Sashiko 2 that makes a handmade-looking stitch by machine. Please contact Patricia for the latest Sashiko 2 deal that includes free shipping to anywhere in the US.
Other Business Information: Patricia and her daughter, Victoria Stone, lead tours to Japan that include the Tokyo Quilt Festival, textile workshops, visits with quilt luminaries and more. Please contact Patricia to be on the Interested List for the next tour.


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