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Gordon, Deborah

Phone: 949-307-2656
Orange, CA


  • Not for Warmth Alone
  • Teach the girls to Sew
  • Quilting beyond the 1/4": from the Ordinary to the Extraordinary
  • Tools of the Trade
  • ...and more


  • Antique Beauty
  • English Paper Piecing
  • Border Bonanza: No More Plain Borders
  • The Peaceful Pleasures of Hand Piecing
  • Bears in the Woods
  • Venetian Tiles
  • It's not the 'A' word anymore
  • It's Anybody's Guess
  • Party Stars
  • Patches of Glory - Random Sampler
  • Corn & Beans

Patches of Glory, Sweet Dreams: Heirloom Quilts for Babies

Comprehensive knowledge of traditional techniques; handwork (piecing, applique, quilting and English paper piecing) with +38 years of quilting instruction.


Updated: 12-30-2017