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Hubbard, Kerry dba Curly Girl in Stitches
Cambria, CA 93428


  • "My Journey Into Legacy Quilting" - This is a fun little trip into what happens when life gives you a big sack of SCRAP! Put the big girl panties on, turn the high beams up, look the grim reaper in the face and declare with seam ripper in hand, "Run and Hide because I AM THE STORM!" I will bring several quilts and some alternative ideas to inspire people that have experienced death of a loved one and what to do with all the clothes in their closets & dressers.
  • "Romancing the Longarmer" - There is never enough time or money therefore the "B" word gets tossed around a lot in longarm quilting. From a longarm quilter's point of view, I share a generous amount of tips & hints to empower each quilter into blue ribbon greatness. I will bring several items of what NOT to do when building a quilt to present to the longarm quilter.

Updated: 11-10-2019

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