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  •          Use the officer update form (found on the Membership page) to provide name and contact information for your newly elected board members
  •          Membership dues and Insurance premium are due October 1 
  •          Renewal reminders are in the September 1 newsletter
  •          Use the online membership form to renew your membership


  •          Cost for guilds is currently $3.25 per member at the time of renewal
  •          Policy term is from September 29 through September 28 of the following year
  •          The policy is for liability coverage only.
  •          Request your insurance certificates (certs) online at
  •          The cost is $10 per certificate for certs requested with at least 60 day's notice
  •          For RUSH certificates (less than 60 days), the cost is $25
  •          Review the insurance instructions on the website
  •          Be sure to provide the proper documentation if requested.
  •          Two types of insurance certs – proof of insurance and proof of insurance with additional insured.  We can also issue an "Evidence of Insurance" if you             need that to get started with your facility.  


  •          All checks go to the treasurer – Kennalee Mattson - membership, insurance premium, insurance certs, etc.
  •          Check the Membership page or Insurance page for the treasurer's address
  •          Treasurer only wants checks; no membership forms, insurance contracts, etc.
  •          Checks must be made out to "SCCQG" - nothing else


  •          All meetings are currently held via Zoom.
  •          If your guild is interested in hosting a quarterly meeting (January, July, October), please contact Pam Overton at
  •          Meet The Teachers is held each April.  You can see short presentations by area teachers, visit their booths, and fill your guild's programs for the year at           this event.
  •          If there is a topic of interest that you would like us to cover, please contact the Programs Chair


  •          Always open to receiving articles about special projects in your guild
  •          Published March 1, June 1, September 1, December 1
  •          Due date is usually the 15th of the month prior
  •          Send information to
Website Postings
  •          To add items to the Calendar or post your opportunity quilt information, contact the webmaster, Sandy Scott at