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The April 10th, 2021, Meet The Teachers event via Zoom was a success! Twenty-nine teachers presented short overall introductions of themselves and their specialties to members of 59 guilds via Zoom. Teachers were then given individual break-out rooms in Zoom (for 30 minutes), allowing guild reps to visit and chat with teachers privately and individually. Guild reps were able to move from one teacher’s break-out room to another, like going booth to booth at past events.

Many compliments were received from attending teachers and guild members. The very experienced SCCQG Tech Team made the virtual event seamless and smooth. It was like being with the teachers in person, without the long drive.

The SCCQG Tech Team created an efficient, enjoyable experience that went smoother and was more applauded than anyone expected. The numerous positive comments received regarding the ease and accessibility of attending virtually has encouraged the board to keep this event virtual.

Sue Glass is the most delightful, relaxed, encouraging emcee that I have encountered in a year of using Zoom and I have persuaded her to stay with the MTT Team as hostess for 2022! You will find me in the background, working with the teachers and the Tech Team to bring you innovative ways to hire teachers for your guild programs. Your suggestions are welcome!

Meet The Teachers 2022 will be on April 9, 2022.

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