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Membership in SCCQG

The membership fee is due and payable October 1st. Unpaid memberships become delinquent on November 30. Late paid membership dues are not prorated.

Please complete your membership form online by using the link below to the membership form.

Guild Membership is $40.00 - Member Guild Form                     
Affiliate Membership is $20.00 - Affiliate Member Form (please use the Affiliate form if you are a teacher, vendor or individual)

Reminder to Guilds: Insurance premium ($3.25/active member), if opting in, should be included in your check with the membership dues fee. Please note that the SCCQG Liability Insurance policy only applies to Member Guilds

All payments are to be made payable to SCCQG and mailed directly to the Treasurer at SCCQG, 2329 Boone Avenue, Venice, CA 90291 noting amount paid for insurance and dues. IF you use a check other than one printed with Guild Name, BE SURE TO NOTE WHICH GUILD THE PAYMENT IS FOR.

Please send questions to

Officer Information

We ask that only the following board members register:  President, Program Chair, Newsletter, Treasurer, SCCQG Rep.  When emails are received from SCCQG, we urge the President to forward the message to all other board members.