This chart provides a quick look at the topics that have been covered at various Council meetings in the past 5-6 years.  Please refer to the links in the date listings below for the full discussion of the topic you are interested in.

Topic Date Presented Topic Date Presented Topic Date Presented
Boutiques July 2015 Games Galore October 2013 Sales Tax October 2016
Bylaws July 2017 Leadership Round Table July 2012 Social Media October 2015
Contracts January 2017 Leadership Round Table July 2016 Treasurer notes on reports to file October 2016
Fund Raising January 2011 Newsletters July 2011 Volunteer Dynamics October 2014
Fund Raising July 2013 Procedures Books January 2016 Workshops January 2015
Fund Raising October 2017 Program Chairs January 2017    

October 2017 -
        Fund Raising

July 2017 -  
        Bylaws, Standing Rules and Presiding at Your Board Meeting

April 2017 - Meet the Teachers
       MTT 2017 - Teacher List

January 2017 - 

October 2016

July 2016 Leadership Meeting

Leadership Meeting - July 2016 - Notes Part 1 of 2
Leadership Meeting - July 2016 - Notes Part 2 of 2
Duties of Secretary, Non-profit corporation
Meeting Minutes, sample

Jan 2016 Program Notes
Part 1  "Guild Procedure Books - How to Keep Them Updated and How to Store Them"  - presented by Colleen Shier
Part 2   Example of Guild Timeline Monthly Calendar Items - presented by Pam Overton

October 2015 Program Notes
      Caryn Payzant - Social Media - How to Make it Work For Your Guild

July 2015 Program Notes
     Peggy Fatur - Successful Boutiques--What it Takes

     Boutiques Meeting Notes

January 2015 Program Notes
       Wait, Don't Cancel That Workshop Yet!

October 2014 Program Notes - Volunteer Dynamics

October 2013 Program Notes - Games Galore

July 2013 Program Notes - Fund Raising

July 2012 Program Notes - Leadership Committees

July 2011 Program Notes - Newsletter
     Part I: Newsletters    
     Part II: Newsletter Layout and Design Tips     
     Part III: Newsletters- Other Graphic Elements

January 2011
Program Notes Fund Raising

 Speaker Contract Sample
 Teacher Contract Sample
 Workshop Contract