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Rapacki, Jennifer

Phone: (805) 264-5504

Port Hueneme, CA
Artisan in Fabric/Education

Specializing in combining traditional quilting techniques with technology driven designs and inkjet printing on fabric  

Lecture - Creativity Unleashed:  Modern Technology for Quilters  

Just what can you do with Modern Technology in quiltmaking? In the lecture Jennifer shares her experiences and designs using Adobe Photoshop Elements, Frax HD, (a fractal app for the iPad), and Electric Quilt along with inkjet printing on fabric. Many samples of quilts will be shown along with a few quilts created with more traditional techniques. The lecture is a powerpoint presentation / trunk show format.


Design That! Quilt with Electric Quilt (EQ)

Increase your quilting creative potential! Take your design process to a new level by learning the EQ Quilt Design software. Hands-on class, laptop required. 1/2 day & 1 day options.    For more info and samples go to Pixelate That! with Photoshop Elements  Memory Quilts, Art Quilts and more….Learn how to edit, enhance and prepare photos/graphics for inkjet printing on fabric. Also learn to make a customized background that looks pieced but is not. Hands-on class, laptop required.   1/2 day & 1 day options.    For more info and samples go to

Modern Tools Sampler

Hands-on class with a ½ day session each of  Photoshop Elements & EQ7; Hands-on class, laptop required.   1 day. For more info and samples go to     

New! Fractal That! Quilt Design on an iPad

Learn how to use the Frax HD app on your iPad to create a unique quilt design which can be printed on fabric or used as an applique pattern. ; Hands-on class, iPad required.  1/2 day.  For more info and samples go to

Print That! with Photoshop Element

You don't have to tile that!  Ready to move beyond printing letter size fabric sheets on your home inkjet printer? Learn how you can print your own fabric yardage at print-on-demand services like ModernYardage, Spoonflower or Fabric on Demand.   Hands-on class, laptop required.  1/2 day & 1 day options.   For more info and samples go to     

New! Charm pack Peekaboo Mug rug or Mini Quilt

What happens when you cross a couture buttonhole technique, a Spanish Snap buttonhole, with quilting?  Peekaboo fabric!   In class we will make a Mug Rug or Mini Quilt with a charm pack's 5 inch squares to learn the technique. No curved piecing required!   1/2 day & 1 day options.   For more info and samples go to

Weave That! Creative Custom Fabric

Jazz up that purse, iron tote, bag, quilt, shirt (the list can go on and on) with custom-made woven fabric. It's surprisingly easy to do and worth the effort. Students will learn how to weave 1” strips of raw edge fabric to create a whole new unique piece of fabric. Thread Embellishment adds the final pizzazz.   1 day.  For more info
and samples go to    

Weave That! Quilt Background  

Create a unique textured background for a small wall quilt by weaving 1” strips of raw edge fabric on the diagonal. No piecing required.   1/2 day or 1 day options.       For more info and samples go to

Tat That! Embellishment  

Embellish that quilt with Tatting. Learn how to make rings with a shuttle (plus picots and chains if time permits) for use as leaves, flower centers and more..   1 day. For more info and samples go to

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