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When are the SCCQG meetings held?

Meetings are held each quarter, the 2nd Saturday of January, April, July and October, at 10 a.m. via Zoom.  Watch our home page for meeting notifications.

Who can attend SCCQG meetings?

Any one interested in quilting, whether as an individual quilter, teacher, speaker, or vendor or member of a guild.

Where do I find the SCCQG meeting times and places?

On the Home Page, scroll down to SCCQG Meetings. It's below Contact Us in the Members Only Section. You do not need a password for it.

Where do I find the calendar of events?

On the Home Page, scroll down to Calendar. Use the > buttons on the top right to move through the months.  Click on a guild event name to view additional information.

How do I find the contact information about the officers in a guild?

The officers of the SCCQG board are found under Contact Us at the bottom of the website. For officers of guilds, look at Member Guilds. Double click on the guild name to show information about that guild and their officers.

How do I send in my officers' changes?

Send all officer changes using the Officer Update Form under the Membership Info tab. 

How do I get my guild's quilt show or special event posted?

Send all changes/notifications to The subject line must include the name of the guild. Please send the exact text (no pdf) or image to be posted in the calendar including dates and opening and closing times. I can accept Microsoft Word documents or the text in an email. If text is copied from a Word doc the formatting will be intact. This will not happen with text in an email message. Text from email can be centered or left justified. If you are including an image (jpeg or img) of the opportunity quilt, please send the designer's name. You may also include other information such as quilted by hand etc. Please include all image files separately from the text.

How do we post a picture of our guild opportunity quilt?

Send a jpeg or tif image to  Provide your guild name in the subject line.  Also provide ticket sales information.

When are officers elected?

Half the slate of officers are elected each year in October. Only Representatives from a guild may vote for the slate.

When is the newsletter published?

The newsletter is published a month prior to the next quarterly meeting.  The newsletter will be posted on the SCCQG site for anyone to download.  All people indicated as members on this SCCQG site at the time of publication will automatically receive by email the newsletter (the member guild's board/chair people, individuals, teachers and  vendors).

Where do I find the notes from SCCQG meetings?
The notes files are posted under Program Notes at the bottom of the Home Page.