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A New Reps meeting is held quarterly via Zoom on the Friday before the general meeting. 

  •          Use the officer update form (found on the Membership page) to provide name and contact information for your newly elected board members
  •          Membership dues and Insurance premium are due October 1 
  •          Renewal reminders are in the September 1 newsletter
  •          Use the online membership form to renew your membership


  •          Cost for guilds is currently $5.25 per member at the time of renewal
  •          Policy term is from September 29 through September 28 of the following year
  •          The policy is for liability coverage only.
  •          Request your insurance certificates (certs) online at
  •          The cost is $10 per certificate for certs requested with at least 60 day's notice
  •          For RUSH certificates (less than 60 days), the cost is $25
  •          Review the insurance instructions on the website
  •          Be sure to provide the proper documentation if requested.
  •          Two types of insurance certs – proof of insurance and proof of insurance with additional insured.  We can also issue an "Evidence of Insurance" if you need that to get started with your facility.  


  •          All checks go to the treasurer – Diane Bonner - membership, insurance premium, insurance certs, etc.
  •          Check the Membership page or Insurance page for the treasurer's address
  •          Treasurer only wants checks; no membership forms, insurance contracts, etc.
  •          Checks must be made out to "SCCQG" - nothing else


  •          All meetings are currently held via Zoom
  •          If there is a topic of interest that you would like us to cover, please contact the Program Chair

Meet the Teachers is held virtually each April.  You can see short presentations by teachers and fill your guild's programs for the year. Questions? Contact the MTT Chair, Pam Overton at or the MTT Moderator, Sue Glass at


  •          Always open to receiving articles about special projects in your guild
  •          Published March 1, June 1, September 1, December 1
  •          Due date is usually the 1st of the month prior
  •          Send information to
Website Postings
  •          To add items to the Calendar or post your opportunity quilt information, contact the webmaster, Sandy Scott at