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SCCQG Insurance Coordinator:  Monica Sayre, or; (818) 917-0389;
                                                        if Monica is not available, please contact                                           
                                                        Pam Overton, or;  (310) 701-2706.

Reminder to Guilds: Insurance coverage is not automatic with your membership. You need to “opt in”. If opting in, your insurance premium ($5.25/active member should be included in your check with the membership dues fee. Please note that the SCCQG Liability Insurance policy only applies to Member Guilds

NOTE:  Sending in your insurance premium fee DOES NOT automatically trigger the insurance certificate process.  You MUST complete an insurance certificate request (link below). 

Website for requesting certificates, policy info: (Insurance Certificate Request) Please note that a number of the responses are "pull down" choices.  Please click on the arrow and select the appropriate response. Once submitted and received, you will receive an email from the insurance coordinator confirming receipt of your request and any documents that were sent.  There is the occasional computer glitch so if you don't receive an email indicating we have received it, that means we didn't! 

Requesting an insurance certificate?  Please use this Checklist:

  1. Contact your facility to confirm: 
    • Whether they require an insurance certificate (proof of insurance)
    • What type of certificate they require:
      • proof of insurance or 
      • proof of insurance with additional insured
    • Please don't guess! Having to reissue the cert will require you to resubmit your request and result in an additional fee.
  2. If they require a proof of insurance with additional insured, email a PDF or scan of your contract/agreement to the  No hard copies, please.  We can only accept electronic copies.
  • The insurance carrier requires the specific words “additional insured” or "named insured".
  • Please review FAQs regarding “additional insured” in Insurance Instructions, which were revised September 21, 2023.
  1. Send your insurance certificate fee check to the SCCQG Treasurer, 15619 Ogram Avenue, Gardena, CA 90249.  DO NOT send her anything other than the check.
  1. Complete ALL information on the Insurance Certificate Request. Missing information will delay the process.

SLIP (Special Liability Insurance Policy):  Southern CA Council SLIP Policy 2021-2022 - Full policy   

Information regarding the Errors and Omissions portion of our liability policy.

Non Profit Directors & Officers Liability provides coverage for the board for deliberate actions or inactions.  This includes breach of duty or for actual or alleged wrong decisions or wrongful acts. SLIP provides this coverage on an occurrence basis as opposed to claims-made which is something you generally cannot find in the standard market.  This means that as long as the claim occurred during a covered policy term and was reported promptly, it does not matter how much time has passed.  With a claims-made policy all claims must be reported within a specific reporting period for coverage to apply.  SLIP is also not dependent on the application data for coverage.  With a standard policy, the application becomes a part of the policy.  If there are any changes to the board members, those changes must be reported for coverage to apply.  If they are not covered then the policy will not respond to protect those board members.  SLIP is much broader and the definition of an insured includes past, current or future board members.  If you change your treasurer tomorrow and do not report it, your new treasurer is still covered under SLIP.

Click on the links to the Non Profit Directors and Officers Liability Endorsement from your 18-19 SLIP policy (pages 31-32) as well as the Non Profit Directors and Officers Liability coverage (pages 8,9,10,13,15,16,17,18,19) ;from the policy for your review.