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  • Digital Slide Talk: Fiberjoy Goes to India

On a solo textile tour of North India, I visited textile artisans of all kinds including weavers, fabric painters, dyers, embroiderers, felters and more. I met dealers in antique textiles and saw amazing quilts and clothing. Get a taste of the handmade textiles that are still a big part of life in India including artisans working,clothing, accessories, lots of quilts, street markets and more.

  • How to Be a Carefree Quilter

Let's thumb our thimbles at the Quilt Police while we break rules, clash colors and get a little loose with familiar quilt designs. This talk uses my quilts and others as inspiration to go a little beyond your comfort zone with color, shape, embellishment, leftover blocks, toward that slippery pin-strewn slope of self-expression.

  • 100 Quilts Later!!
Why I spent a year sewing 100 premie quilts and what I learned from it. A digital slide talk.



Carefree Quilting – A Freestyle Twist on Classic Designs

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For full descriptions and photos of workshops :

This is an exciting new way to create shibori on silk scarves! Start by free-painting the silk. Then fold and clamp it. It goes into a pot of black dye and comes out with vibrant colored shapes on a black background. All materials included. (6 hours)

 Carefree Quilting – Choose a block and a project from my book Carefree Quilts - autographed copies available directly from me.

Dyeing for Quilters – Dye a whole collection colorfast fat quarters in solids, mottles and shibori patterns

Gradient Magic – Create graded color fat quarters. Then sew samples to show how they add sparkle to any block.

Indigo Blues – Produce many shibori patterns quickly in blue and white. Work over yellow or pink fabric for a full spectrum of color possibilities.

Create Batik-look Fabrics -Dye and discharge fat quarters for the batik look. No wax needed.

Paint a Silk Scarf -Draw designs in resist, learn silk painting techniques and steam the painted silk.

Shibori Silk Scarf  - Wrap, fold and paint scarves for surprising and delightful effects. This technique works on quilt fabric too.

How the Impressionists Felt – “Paint” an Impressionist style wall piece using wisps of many colors of wool for the brushstrokes, them felt it together.

Felted Vessels – Build a fanciful basket, nest or jellyfish from colorful fleece, easily, using felting needles.

Silk Collage for Art Quilts – Repurpose discarded silk clothes into art quilts using fusible web.

For full descriptions and photos of workshops :