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Meet The Teachers (MTT) is an annual event hosted by SCCQG, on Zoom, using the interactive Meeting format (not webinar), open to all member guilds. In the past this was held in person, with travel being a major barrier to attendance. When the event transitioned to Zoom it became far more accessible and attendance is growing annually. In 2022 and 2023 over 125 guild members registered to attend to watch 24 presenters.

MTT provides an opportunity to about 24 participating teachers from the affiliate teacher list who are given three minutes to introduce themselves and speak (and share screen) about the lectures, trunk shows, classes that they offer to guilds. It is a fun event, fast paced and interesting. You’ll meet teachers/presenters you may not have heard of while being entertained by what they offer. You’ll see their projects and see them live, onscreen. You will also have a chance to speak with teachers in their individual breakout rooms after the presentations. There is no cost to member guilds to attend. Information and links for all Affiliate Member Teachers including those participating in MTT can be found on the Affiliates page.  Program chairs are strongly encouraged to review this list prior to MTT.    

Information for Guild Attendees:  April 13, 2024 is the date for the next Meet The Teachers (MTT). Sue Glass will once again moderate the event. To receive an invitation to attend, the Member Guild must be a member in good standing of SCCQG (Membership). Current officers should be updated on the Member Guild page in order for them to receive, via email, the invitation to attend. Invitations are sent to Presidents, Program Chairs, SCCQG Reps, and other guild officers of each Member Guild on April 1. The invitation may be extended to other guild members so that they can register themselves.  All attendees must be individually registered to sign in to MTT or visit breakout rooms.

MTT is scheduled from 10am to 1pm, Pacific Time. At noon, the presenters are given their own individual breakout rooms. Guild Member attendees may then move into and out of those rooms to talk to presenters one-on-one, to ask questions, discuss travel, available dates, contracts, etc.  Guilds are encouraged to have multiple members attend so that they can get to all of the teacher breakout rooms in which they are interested within the allotted time.   

Information for Presenters:  Presenters must be in good standing Affiliate Members of SCCQG (Affiliate Membership) with dues paid. Invitations to present are sent via e-mail on February 1. Presenters are asked to attend a rehearsal prior to the event. Live (not pre-recorded) presentations are preferred. Presenters must be available to the membership during the Breakout Room session of the Program. Teachers/Presenters have been known to book their year in engagements during this event.

The popularity of this event grows annually and using Zoom allows for easier attendance than an in-person event. SCCQG intends to continue using Zoom for general and board meetings. We hope you will join us.

Registration is now closed as we have a full complement of speakers registered.  If you are a teacher and are interested in presenting, please email Pam Overton ( or Sue Glass ( and we will add you to the wait list.