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You are the liaison between SCCQG and your Guild*. Take notes and write an article for your Guild’s newsletter to inform your quilt guild members of the actions of the SCCQG Board, any votes taken and the topic of the quarterly meeting. We endeavor to have interesting topics such as website and newsletter editor, hoping to help to improve those jobs. We ask that when any topic of interest to you is on an upcoming agenda, you bring the person doing that job in your guild with you, both attend the quarterly meeting,  in order to acquire the most beneficial knowledge.

We ask you to ask your guild's board if it is viable to host a SCCQG quarterly meeting. SCCQG pays a set fee to help cover the costs.


Guilds now have the ability to maintain their own officer data! Each guild choosing to maintain their own officer data will be issued a single logon name and password.  Please have the President of the guild contact the webmaster at to get the process started and the mini training scheduled.

The communication method that SCCQG utilizes to contact its membership is via email so having correct names, officer/board titles and email addresses is imperative.  SCCQG has added two new fields of data on its membership application -Officer Telephone Numbers and Fiscal Year. Telephone numbers are available ONLY to the SCCQG Board - they will never be posted on the site and will never given out.  Fiscal Year data is for the SCCQG Membership Chair follow-up. Sometimes SCCQG will remind a guild to provide SCCQG the new officer/board contacts when we know your guild's fiscal year has changed and we have received no updates.

*If a member guild fails to notify SCCQG the name and email contact info of its delegate, SCCQG will insert the member guild's president name (and email address ) as its SCCQG Delegate until otherwise advised.


Any member in good standing may obtain guild mailing labels at will.  The member needs to type in the URL:  Follow the prompts. The password is changed at least annually in January and the Membership in good standing is emailed the new password and the 'how to process' when it is changed.  If you are a member in good standing and have forgotten the password, please contact the webmaster at


"Welcome Aboard" for new representatives and socialization starts at 9:30 a.m. and you are invited and encouraged to meet and visit with your SCCQG Board to ask questions and share information.  The General Meeting starts at 10 a.m. Wear a name tag. This will help you meet other delegates. Some guilds have a plastic name tag with member’s name and name of guild. Others have no name tags, but those made by each guild member. Coffee and snacks are served before the general meeting and during the break.

You will find the day's agenda at the Sign In Table, the place where all delegate representatives and visitors are to sign in.  The visitor sheets and delegate sheets are separated.  This is important to sign in as we need to have a quorum of members present in order to vote on any issues.

There will also be a table near-by with boxes of envelopes, one for each guild.  This is one of two methods that guilds share their event information with other guilds.  The 2nd method it to put their event on the SCCQG site under EVENTS.  Please go through each box and pull any envelopes that have your guild's name on them.


Committees are formed during the year to facilitate action to help the Board move forward in agreement with the members of the guild. It is important to hear your voice. We hope you will participate in the committees that interest you and/or your guild.


The SCCQG newsletter is produced quarterly and sent one month before the next quarterly meeting. Read the newsletter each quarter. It will inform you as to what has transpired over the quarter. All guild board or chair members identified to SCCQG at the time of the newsletter release will be emailed a newsletter. If your information is correct on the SCCQG site and you did not receive the newsletter, please contact the webmaster immediately.  If you are not personally listed with your guild but would like to received the newsletter you will need to “subscribe”.  Go to the website and click on the newsletter button under membership. Subscribe by typing in your email twice and your name once. Click on subscribe underneath.

You may also go to Newsletters and download the newsletter. Newsletters are not sent via snail mail.


Membership Dues are due and payable October 1 and delinquent January 1st.  The member's listing and events, if any, will be removed by January 31st if not brought current.

The SCCQG Membership Chair attaches the renewal form to the Fall newsletter. Renewal forms are also located on the website under Membership. Please keep your guild current with the dues. Insurance is paid with the annual dues.


All members should check their records periodically and if the information isn’t correct send the corrected information to their guild's site editor.  If your guild does not have a site editor, send an email to with the following information. 

  • Guild name (or membership name) in the subject line with changes, i.e., "ABC guild Site Editor assignment/changes" 
  • Full name, email address and phone number for the site editor
  • Password (If you do not provide a password, one will be created for you)
  • Please always include your email address and a telephone number contact for you in the event the SCCQG Webmaster has questions.  
  • Changes/corrections to the site are normally made within one week of receipt.

Please remember this is a volunteer job and we are doing our very best to be timely!!! We do get sick, we do go on vacation and we do have PC crashes!!!


Please send corrected information to We cannot copy text or images from a PDF document. Please send text (Word doc or email) and image files (img or jpeg).


Questions such as who do I contact and how will depend on the question. Questions pertaining to programs or a topic for a program, email . Related money issues such as dues should be sent to . Have an idea for an article or topic for the newsletter? Send your information or request to Membership issues sent to . Insurance questions? Send to . If you don’t know who to contact you should email the president at . The president will forward your question to the appropriate board member.



The navigation buttons are on the left hand side of the Home page. The home page is the page at the  start of the site – The Mission Statement is on the home page and is broken into bullets.

About the Council – contains the SCCQG By-Laws

Board Members – Board members name and email addresses

Guild information -

  • Member Guilds - Listing of our member guilds and their meeting days and times.
  • Membership - Information and forms for membership renewal and directory updates.
  • Non-Profit Information - Compilation of websites and tax documents about non-profit organizations.
  • Guild Insurance - Guilds may purchase insurance through the council that provides liability coverage to protect the guild in certain cases.
  • Copyright - A compilation of copyright information and issues in the quilting world from a variety of sources.
  • Sample Contracts - Examples for guilds to use when creating various legal documents and contracts.
  • Disaster Fund - The SCCQG has an emergency disaster fund of $200 available to any quilter who suffers a disaster (i.e., fire, flood, etc.) and is a council member or a member of a council guild.


Insurance – Information about the insurance, how to pay your insurance premium, what is covered, how to request an insurance certificate, etc.

Membership Information – information about membership in SCCQG, new and renewal forms for individuals, teachers, guilds and vendors are located here.

Teacher Info – List of paid teacher members with email and contact information. Beneath each teacher is an area for the teacher's lectures and workshops, if provided to SCCQG.

Vendor Info – List of individual and vendor members with contact information. If you have a favorite vendor not on the list, ask the vendor to join. When buying from the vendor, please tell them you heard of them from SCCQG.

Rep Info - Everything a new representative or any new member needs to know!

Topics of Interest – see below

Gallery – New to our website is the Gallery. Photos of Opportunity quilts and teacher’s quilts are in this area. Double left click to enlarge and find out who the quilts belong to.

Events (Calendar) – This section is a calendar month format of guild events, from teas to quilt shows.  A chronological listing of all events is obtained by clicking on the year (any year) on any month currently displayed. This module of the site does not carry any historical data. 

Links – This is a second listing for All SCCQG Members and they are listed with their name, city and website, if any. Guilds are listed first, then Teachers, and lastly Vendors and Individuals.  The categories are listed by first name/first word format. If you 'click' on the name, you will be transferred to the member's full record. The member data displayed in 'Links' is mirrored from the original member record at all times.

  • Outside links
  • Nonprofit information - The Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of knowledge and participation in the craft/art form of quilting, patchwork, appliqué and other aspects of quilt making.
  • Websites – 5 links to outside websites

FAQs– Frequently asked questions. If you don’t see an answer to your question, email for an answer. Your question and reply may be added to this area of the website.

Contact Us– A chart provides information on whom to contact for the different areas of responsibility.

About the Council- The SCCQG By-Laws

For Members – buttons under this listing is open to all and doesn’t require a login or password.

  • Newsletters – Newsletters are archived with the most recent first.  Left click to download the pdf file. Adobe Acrobat (free reader) is required to view the pdf. The newsletter is sent quarterly to all members with an email address and to those who have subscribed to the newsletter. It is posted 1 month before the next quarterly meeting.
  • SCCQG Meetings - where the meetings are held, when and topic.
  • SCCQG Meeting Minutes - minutes of most recent approved minutes for board and general meetings
  • SCCQG Meetings Notes – quarterly Program notes from meetings when available.
TOPICS OF INTEREST ON THE WEBSITE- Topics range from past meetings to raffle registration, contract guidance, etc are found under Topics of Interest.
  • Hints and Tips for Guilds topics include Door prizes, Let guild members try before they buy, Organizing quilts for shows and Grants from Walmart.
  • Teacher and Speakers topics include Requesting references from teachers, Marketing your guest speakers, Care and feeding of guest teachers or speakers, Who needs a seller’s permit, and for the teachers – So you want to speak or teach at guilds.
  • The topic Quilts has articles on shipping your quilts and quilt insurance.
  • Thoughts from guild officers - This is an accumulation of practical ideas from guild leaders across the Council. None of us need be in this alone. Have a problem? Bring it to the Council meeting each quarter, and pick the brains of others.